About Upper Ruxley Cattery

Upper Ruxley Cattery was first established in 1988. The current owners took over the cattery during August 2002. The cattery is conveniently located on the borders of Sidcup, Bexley, Swanley, Dartford and Orpington and takes in owner’s cats from a large catchment area of Southeast London and Northwest Kent.

The purpose build cattery accommodation overlooks pleasant, peaceful garden surroundings with rural views across fields and woodlands. This is an ideal relaxing setting for your cat’s holiday, with homely comforts, care and attention while you are away.  We know that it will be important to you to know that your cat is safe and being cared for properly.

We are fully licensed by the Dartford Borough Council in accordance with the Animal Boarding Establishment Act 1963 for boarding catteries. Our boarding cattery is regularly inspected every year to ensure that a high standard of accommodation and care is maintained at all times.

The Owners (Jill & Ray) are both members of the International Cat Care formally Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB). The International Cat Care is a charity dedicated to the health and welfare of cats.

Our guests are of many various breeds and all ages.  Our youngest guest as been 3 months old and our oldest has been 25 years old.  We have also nurtured some cats back to good health after accidents, operations or illness.

Our largest guest cats have been the lovely placid Maine Coon breeds. The Maine Coon is noted for its large bone structure, its rectangular body shape, and a long flowing coat.

248d5518-cd51-4efe-b7b8-e0b2c190b2e1_image_jpegOur cattery accommodation is of penthouse chalet construction. Each chalet unit comprises of a cosy insulated sleeping room above an adjoining solid roof covered exercise area.  The exercise areas are fitted with full sneeze barriers. Access to the sleeping area is via a ladder ramp and through a cat flap.  The secure exercise area houses the water bowl, litter tray and scratch pad or pole.  The insulated sleeping areas are individually heated at cold weather times for our guests comfort.  Access to each unit is via a safety corridor which is locked for security.  Chalets vary in size to accommodate either single cat occupancy or multiples of cats from the same household. The site is covered by external lighting with day and night CCTV security cameras.

We provide beds and bedding for the comfort of our guests. If your cat has its own bed or favourite blanket we encourage you to bring it in with your cat. Anything that is familiar to them helps them to settle and relax.

Our guests are feed in the early morning and early evening. The guests are fed quality premium wet and/or dry foods, we also have cat milk if required. We try to feed the cats their normal diet in accordance with their owner’s instructions.

If your cat(s) has a special dietary requirement of a prescription food you will need to provide their food.

Cat food bowl.

Always transport your cat(s) in a suitable secure pet carrier unit. Do not carry your cat in your arms or in any old box.  Any sudden movement, loud noise or a bang could mean your cat might run off through fright.

During your cats stay we are happy to administer any medication i.e. tablets or liquid medication.  However we do not administer medication by injection.

Cats love routine so feeding and cleaning is done at regular times each day. Your cats happiness is paramount so we strive to achieve this by giving them our attention throughout their stay with us.

If your cat normally wears a magnet on their collar please remove this before leaving your cat with us. This is because our water bowls are metal and if the cat is wearing a magnet they end up wearing a metal bowl from their collar until it is knocked off.