Cat Grass – Why they eat it?

You have seen your cat in the garden eating grass, is grass good for cats?
Why do they do that? Is it safe for my cat to be eating grass and plants?

Indoor cat grass.Not all cats eat grass, some like it as a supplement to their diet and others will just ignore it. It is quite normal behaviour for cats to eat fresh blades of grass. Cat grass certainly helps cat’s digestive system and has great nutritional value. It also helps them cough up and get rid of any build up of hairballs (fur balls) within them from cleaning and grooming themselves. Some cats are able to digest the hairball which naturally passes through their bowels.

Cats are mainly carnivorous meaning their necessary vitamins are acquired from eating meat. The safest and best type of grass for cats is fresh grasses of cereals; oat, rye, barley or wheat. This is very easy to grow yourself and safe for your cat to eat.

It is also known that certain indoor and outdoor plants can be very harmful to cats. Some of the plants are toxic. Lawns, flowerbeds and other outside plants are often treated with chemicals such as pesticides, fertilisers, or insecticides that are poisonous to cats.

The safe alternative to your plants is a supply of fresh tasty cat grass. It may be better for a cat to avoid eating mature cat grass, because the oats it produces can damage their digestive tract. Fresh purpose grown cat grass seems to pose no harmful effects to them.

As a cat lover if you own a cat that is an ‘indoor cat’ you need to give cat grass serious consideration for their health and safety. Apart from a necessary nutritional value it will keep them from the necessity of chewing your indoor house plants that may be toxic to pets.Here are a few possible reasons:

  • Helps a healthy digestion, and helps move hairballs along. Instead of coughing up the hairball, the hairball is more likely to be passed through your cat’s digestive system.
  • Great source of fibre (roughage) in your cat’s diet.
  • Contains chlorophyll: Chlorophyll is a natural substance that makes grass green and acts as a natural breath freshener for your cat.
  • The occasional few blades of green tasty cat grass will be enjoyed by your cat.

Grow your own Cat Grass

You’ll be pleased to know that Cat Grass Seeds are available and very easy to grow. You don’t need a whole lawn of cat grass, they don’t eat that much. A fresh supply of cat grass is best grown in only small seed trays or pots. It can be grown indoors or outdoors. Complete growing kits may be available from your local pet store/shop.

Cat grass is so easy to grow, that anyone can do it and it’s also a great “project” for children. They can see it grow and then watch their cat nibble on it.