UK Cat Population Statistics

How many cats are there in the UK?

Every year the PFMA commissions the well respected Pet Population report, which looks in detail at pet ownership trends.  The pet population estimates were made over two years, with face to face interviews conducted by TNS using a total sample of 8,353 (more detail on survey mechanics below). In 2016 it is estimated that 11m (40% of) households have pets.  The pet population standards at around 57 million. There are around 35-40 breeds of cats recognised by the Feline Advisory Bureau. For the top 5 cat breeds in the UK see below.
Russian blue cat over white background
In the main reasons people keep cats as pets are for:

Companionship: 27%
Love: 31%
Easy maintenance: 7%
Gets on with other species: 3%

Top 5 Cat Breeds in the UK in 2015

  1. Bengal (0.1M)
  2. British Short Hair (0.1M)
  3. Burmese (0.1M)
  4. Manx (0.1M)
  5. Siamese (0.1M)



In the UK, almost 1 in 2 households own a pet with around a total 21 million pets owned (excluding indoor and outdoor fish).

The percentage of households owning a cat or dog as a pet in the UK were broken down as follows:

2014 2015
Dogs 25% 24%
Cats 18% 17%


*The above statistical information was provided by kind permission of PFMA/TNS.