Choosing a Boarding Cattery

adopting a catSome cat owners suddenly realise their own holiday arrangements etc have been made and they have forgotten about their cat arrangements. Primarily you want your cat(s) well looked after and as relaxed and happy as possible so they enjoy their holiday as well. Here are a few guidelines to help you make an informed decision on choosing a boarding cattery.

Choosing the right cattery should give you peace of mind while you are away. There could be many reasons why you need to find a suitable cattery; holiday, moving house, away on holiday, hospitalisation, etc. Don’t leave it until the last moment.

Only use a licensed and insured cattery otherwise you may be putting your cat at risk. If the cattery does not have an up to date licence then find another boarding cattery.

There are good catteries and unfortunately some not such good ones. Do make sure you make an appointment to visit a few catteries during their opening times before making a decision and booking. As long as you plan in advance you will have a choice and time to decide which cattery you feel is right for your cat. Don’t leave booking your cat into a cattery until the last moment. Most good catteries are busiest during school holiday times – so book early for those periods so as not to be disappointed.

  • Experienced management in the care of pet cats.
  • Your cat is in a safe and secure environment.
  • Cats like routine.
  • Gets fed regular meals and fresh water.
  • Gets clean litter trays every day.
  • If your cat is taken ill the appropriate action is taken.
  • Only approved animal friendly chemicals and products are used for cleaning and maintenance.

The cat accommodation construction will be either an ‘indoor’ or ‘outdoor’ type. Outdoor is preferable as good ventilation and air flow helps prevent the spread of any possible disease. An indoor is fully enclosed with restricted ventilation and of course the cats do not have a view to keep them occupied during their stay.

  • The people running the cattery; friendly, caring, pleasant and can assure you about any concerns and answers to your questions.
  • Ask to look around the cattery. Observe the general cleanliness and outlook.
  • Make sure the cattery is licensed by the Local Authority.  If the license is not displayed ask to see it.
  • Check that the cattery is fully insured for veterinary fees etc. The insurance will not normally cover any inherent health issues your cat may have.
  • Check out the boarding prices and what it covers.  Some catteries have low prices and add on extra costs.
  • Read their Boarding Terms and Conditions.
  • Discuss any special dietary requirements and if medication is to be administered.
  • The accommodation units for each cat should have a separate enclosed heated and insulated sleeping area and an individual exercise area. Leading to each unit there should be a safety corridor that can be locked for added security.
  • The cattery should not have any strong odour of cleaning products or faeces or urine.

Follow these guidelines to help you with an informed decision that you won’t regret.