Kitten Proofing Your Home

Bringing a kitten home is an exciting time but one that can also be challenging time. You need to spend a small amount of time kitten proofing your home. Kittens are notorious for being able to get into spaces you never thought possible.  They like to climb so they will find their way to the top of your favourite curtains or furniture.

With just a bit of advance preparation you can kitten proof the rooms of your home that your new little addition is going to be able to access. You may want to consider limiting the kitten’s ability to go around the house until he or she is fully acclimatised to you and your home.

Cords and Other Dangly Things

Anything that hangs, dangles, sways or could potentially move is extremely interesting to a kitten. Electrical cords are a major safety issue since they do all of the above and, if the kitten bites into them, can deliver a lethal shock. Remove all electrical appliances, lamps and other equipment from the room where your kitten will be housed.

In addition to electrical cords look for anything else that would be appealing to a kitten. Long tassels on pillows, tie-backs on drapery and pulls on blinds and curtains are all problematic. A kitten can easily become wrapped up in these cords posing a safety concern. Even pillow tassels are problematic as the kitten can actually swallow the fabric where it can lodge in the throat and mouth, swell and create a choking hazard. You may be surprised to find that your favourite pots of, ivy, lily, fern or dieffenbachia can be toxic and fatal to your new little kitten. Rather than take the risk of your kitten having access to a potentially fatal plant simply remove all house plants from the kitten’s living environment.

Cat Grass

Providing a tray of oat grass or cat grass is a great way to teach your kitten to snack on a safe and healthy green option. While cats are obligate carnivores and need meat in their diet, cat grass is a great addition and allows your cat to nibble on safe greenery to help with digestion. This grass can be grown in a small, low contain in the house for a healthy, pesticide, herbicide and insecticide free treat.

Chemicals and Cleaners

Kittens are naturally very curious and they will attempt to get into everything you leave in their space. Never leave cleaning supplies out in the kitten’s room as they will often learn how to tip over bottles or get into containers. Kittens may even consume cleaning supplies which can be very dangerous to their health.

Breakable Objects

Your new little kitten, despite his or her small size, will have incredible powers of leaping, climbing and jumping onto any surface or structure in their room. By removing all breakables you will not only save your possessions but you will eliminate the risk that the kitten may be cut on the shards of glass or ceramics if the item does end up falling from the counter or shelf.

Kitten proofing the rooms of your home is a simple way to ensure your kitten’s safety. As he or she gets older you can start introducing items and training your cat to avoid problems in the future.