Pet Health Insurance

For one reason or another about one in three pets need veterinary treatment each year!

Your much loved cat deserves the best treatment in the unfortunate event of them becoming ill or sustaining an injury.  Advances in veterinary surgery means our cats can live healthier and longer lives; but with no cat NHS how do loving cat owners pay their vet bill? Some complex treatments and maybe hospitalisation brings with it costly vet bills.  Pet Health Insurance to cover your cat is an important consideration as it also helps to protect your finances should the unexpected occur.

As a cat owner, you’ll know only too well how mischievous cats can be no matter what their age or breed. They can often get into trouble, whether it’s sneaking into the neighbour’s house or fighting with other cats or straying away and getting injured. This often means trips to the veterinary surgery for treatment with mounting vet bills.

Several different levels of cover are likely to be offered by each cat insurance provider and these will vary in the amount of cover they provide and its associated cost. Policies which limit the length or cost of a claim tend to be cheaper, whereas those which offer features such as lifetime treatment cover are usually more expensive.hunting-cat

Beware that some pet insurance providers will not provide cover for pre-existing conditions and may have minimum or maximum age limits. Policies should include 3rd party liability cover against any claim for damage sustained to property or persons as a result of your cat’s actions.

Choose a pet health insurance provider that specialise in animals, as they tend to be the better policies.  They will understand pet ownership and the importance that you need to provide the best care quickly. The cost of pet insurance varies depending on the company.

The pet insurance policy prices may be influenced by factors such as:

  • The area you live, as vet costs will vary for different areas.
  • Type of cover required.
  • Pet age.
  • Pedigree and Breed; some cats are more prone to certain illnesses.
Always read the insurance policy small print what it covers and what it doesn’t.  Compare prices, the lowest or the highest are not always covering your needs.

We do recommend cat insurance cover for the unexpected situations that may happen. Many times cat owners are faced with vet bills of £100’s and are glad they had the fore thought to have pet insurance.

Other interesting points;