Cat Litter

Cat litter is an absorbent material used in cat litter trays. The cat litter will absorb urine and the moisture from faeces. There are now many types of cat litter available on the market such as:

– Clay based
– Bentonite clay
– Crystal based /silica gel
– Bio-degradable products made from wheat, wood flower, wood shavings, recycled paper, peanut shells, corncobs, and or other natural plant derived products.

Biodegradable cat litters are far safer for your cats health. Less likely to affect your cats health particularly if your cat suffers with asthma.

In our cattery we have tried various types of cat litter. From our trials the most suitable cat litter we found was a paper pellet cat litter called BreederCelect. We therefore endorse BreederCelect as our preferred product.
BreederCelect cat litter is available to purchase from our Cattery Shop.

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