Cattery Boarding
Terms & Conditions

Please note during Covid-19 Health & Safety Directive that currently
we cannot 
allow cat owners into the cattery bays or outer walkway
because of Government social distancing measures, so the
handover will be outside the Cattery Reception area.

  1. Boarding: Cats will only be accepted with current certificates of core vaccinations for Feline Infectious Enteritis (Panleukopenia) and Cat Flu (Herpesvirus and Calicivirus). Record card proof is required and must accompany the cat on arrival at the cattery. The treatment must have been completed at least 10 days before the commencing date of boarding. If an annual vaccination programme lapsed your cat may need to restart the programme with two vaccinations – an initial one and a booster three weeks later to ensure full protection. If you are in this situation, you should seek advice from your vet. You maybe advised to restart the programme and if your cat has only had the initial vaccination we may not be able to accept it for boarding as there is a risk to both the partially vaccinated cat and all other cats in the cattery. You should also check that your cat is treated against fleas and that worming treatments are up-to-date before boarding with us. Homeopathic treatments are not acceptable as replacements for conventional core vaccinations.
  2. Un-neutered /Un-spayed cats will not be accepted for boarding (except if they are less than one year old).
  3. Deposit: A deposit, see price list, is based on per cat per week is required to confirm the booking. This is a non-refundable deposit in the event of cancellation. Balance of charges is payable at the end of the boarding period. For long term boarders (over 2 months) interim payments to be agreed, this is usually payment required at the end of each month the cat is boarded.
  4. Cancellations: If in the event of cancellation of a confirmed booking (in part or full period) the full charge for the booking will be due if less than 14 days notice is given prior to start of stay. You may be able to recover this charge on your holiday cancellation insurance where applicable.
  5. Boarding Period: A full day is charged for the day of arrival and departure to allow for essential cleaning and hygiene preparation of the chalet.
  6. Boarding over Christmas; a minimum charge equivalent to 5 days boarding will be charged. There will be a surcharge for Christmas Bookings. See separate Price List for Christmas Bookings.
  7. Early Booking: To avoid disappointment early booking is advised for holiday periods that include Christmas, Easter and all local school holiday periods.
  8. Cat Transportation: You must transport your cat(s) in a suitable secure and clean pet carrier unit. Do not carry your cat in your arms or in any old box. Any sudden movement, loud noise or bang could mean your cat might escape and run off and this shall be totally the pet owners’ responsibility.
  9. Own cat food: No deduction shall be made when the cat owner supplies their own cat food in whole or part.
  10. Cat Medications: All medication that accompanies cats must be clearly marked with the cat’s name, the dose rates and the type of medication, plus a written explanation of the condition being treated.
  11. Cat left uncollected: Any cat left uncollected within 14 days of the date due to leave the cattery without communication from the pet owner or their representative will be handed to an animal charity at our discretion.
  12. Veterinary treatment: Any veterinary treatment deemed necessary will be at the pet owner’s expense. Preventative veterinary treatments such as routine vaccination fees are not covered under the cattery pet insurance policy.
  13. Veterinary Attendance: In the event we deem it necessary to take a cat for health reasons to a veterinary surgery, a charge of £10 per hour will be incurred to cover attendance and travel, plus mileage charge and any veterinary charges.
  14. Cat death: In the unfortunate event a cat should die whilst staying at the cattery the owner or owner’s contact person will be advised. The cat will be taken to the cattery veterinary surgery for the appropriate safe storage until the owners return, unless instructed otherwise.

Further Information

  1. Acceptance: The pet owner shall have deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions if done so in writing or in any way confirms the booking either by paying us the deposit or we carry out any of our services incurred.
  2. Deputes: In the event of any dispute it shall be governed and by interpretation in accordance with English Law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. If any of our terms and conditions should be determined to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable for any reason, then that provision shall be severed and deleted from these terms and the remaining terms and conditions shall survive and continue to be binding and enforceable.
  3. Amendments: We reserve the right to amend our Prices, Boarding Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy at any time as considered necessary.

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